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Ensuring your children are part of Mum's and Dad's lives.

Disputes over children can be painful and frustrating. Children can be upset over their parents arguing. Parents know they love their children, but may be overwhelmed by emotions and the difficulties they face.

Arguments disturb your children's lives.

Research shows that children adapt well to Mum and Dad living separate lives when they see their parents cooperating. It is conflict that leaves them confused and torn.
Mediation quickly allows parents to sort out practical arrangements so their children benefit. Mum and Dad can then get on with their separate lives having peace of mind.

Usually things
are sorted out
in just one or
two meetings.
Issues that get successfully resolved in mediation include: where the children live, how much time they spend with each parent, how the handover happens, and having a regular timetable to make it work. 
People also sort out schooling, holidays, going abroad, birthdays, and other special days. Once better communication is established it is easier to vary arrangements according to changing needs.
Mediation is often used to deal with different views on good parenting such as meals, bedtimes, computer games, homework, and discipline.
When parents split other people are usually involved so mediation can also help over contact with grandparents, the children's friends, and the introduction of any new partner and their children.
Money can be agreed on in mediation; sorting out regular child maintenance, the cost of childrens' activities, school trips, clothing, holidays, and so on.

Financial support may be interlinked with other money matters such as dividing up assets, or dealing with debts and housing.  

Mediation can simplify the situation and help you make sound decisions.
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Contact, sleepovers, contact, residency, timetables, routines, contact centres, supervised, unsupervised contact, co-parenting, pick up and drop-off arrangements. Helping both parents explore all the issues, feelings and concerns safely knowing they have someone in the room to keep things on track.
Parenting, lifestyles, different views on bedtimes, tv, mealtimes, discipline, schooling, religion. Encouraging open and honest communication even where tension has causes defensiveness in the past.
The introduction of a new partner, blended families, extended family and grandparents’ issues, school holidays, xmas & special occasions, holidays at home and abroad, passports, money. Assisting both parties to work together to make practical arrangements that feel fair and meet everyones needs.
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