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Keeping Your Costs Down

We believe that professional help should be available at realistic rates. 
Current research indicates that family mediation is, on average, 4 times less expensive and 4 times faster to resolution than going to Court directly.

Separating and divorcing usually means your outgoings suddenly going up.  Costs that you shared before, like rent or mortgage, now have to be found by each person. 

We want to help you sort out financial matters, and arrangements for the children, without breaking the bank.  

Low Cost, Low Risk Starting Point

Paying the price of spiralling divorce costs can just add to the trauma of going your separate ways.

for the
initial meeting

Don’t spend money on fees unnecessarily. Why not come and talk to the mediator before going any further.  That way, you only spend money on mediation fees where it seems there is a reasonable chance of sorting things out.

At the introductory meeting, also called a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM), you have an opportunity to:
  • Meet the mediator
  • Discuss your situation
  • Hear more about the mediation process
  • Decide if mediation could benefit your own situation.
  • Receive an estimate of mediation costs.
If mediation seems a good way forward then we also need to see your former partner for a MIAM.  Either, you can encourage them to contact us yourself, or we can invite them for you.  We make a 30 arrangement charge if we do it for you.

Normally, each person is seen separately but you can be seen together for the initial meeting if you wish.

If you both decide to go ahead with mediation we can arrange a joint party mediation session at a convenient time.

If you decide not to continue with mediation or mediation is not suitable, and you want to apply to court we can provide a signed Form C100 or Form A.  
Fees for signed forms

Competitive Mediation Charges

Mediation is charged at 150 per person for each 1 hr meeting.  
In certain financial mediation cases there may be an additional fee to provide a Financial Statement and a Memorandum of Understanding.

Compare with the alternatives

For the same 1 hr meeting another local family mediation provider charges 270 and legal fees would typically be 375 for the same.

  The largest area for complaints on divorce is cost; around one quarter of the divorce complaints dealt with are on this issue.
Typical charges (per person)

Success with ... Typical no.
of sessions
Likely mediation fees
per person
Statistics show that mediation can help people to reach longer lasting solutions for the better good of any children involved. Sorting out arrangements
for the children.
1 – 2 150 - 300
negotiation for unmarried ex partners Settling finances for unmarried ex-partners. 1 - 3 150 - 550
that mediated cases are quicker to resolve, taking on average 110 days, compared with 435 days for non-mediated cases. Agreeing a financial
settlement for a divorce.
2 – 4 300 - 800
Compare Mediation With The Legal Route
The average cost of a divorce using solicitors in 2012 was 2,800, with a reasonably straightforward financial situation.  In strongly contested divorces where a judge imposes a settlement at a full court hearing, the costs can be enormous, with bills for 15,000 for each side not uncommon. Can sometimes spiral into protracted litigation and end up with the family assets being eaten up in legal expenditure.
Mediation is quicker and cheaper
than court.
It is cheaper and quicker to have the mediators help you talk directly together than have endless solicitors letters going back and forth about who has the fridge, or what the car is worth.  Legal bills can easily spiral out of control eating into your limited means at a time when you can least afford the money or hassle. 
No VAT Straightforward fee structure so you know how much it is going to cost.

Table Of Mediation Charges Costs of mediation
Fee All fees are per person.
Initial separate meeting
with the mediator (MIAM)
75 Approx 45 mins.
Inviting your ex-partner to
an intitial mediator meeting
30 Free if you invite them yourself.
Signed Form C100 or Form A Free After attending a MIAM
Round table
mediation meetings
100/hr Meetings are 1 hrs.
Parenting plan 30 Where parents request one.
Financial statement 100 Needed if you are making financial agreements legal, usually in divorce.
Memorandum of
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