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Making sure you have the best financial deal possible.

Splitting up means changes to your living arrangements and the money you each have.  This can be a tense time with much uncertainty about how you will manage. This often results in arguments causing resentment and even more stress. Will I be able
to manage financially?

Mediators can help reduce worry about money and the future.

There are a lot of things to think about and one thing depends on another making decisions difficult. It is easy to get overwhelmed, and if you have children there is yet another dimension to the finances.

Mediation can help you deal with finances, property, and living arrangements directly and quickly compared with getting the court to settle matters.

Typically, mediation takes between two and five meetings to sort things out and help you feel more confident about your financial future. The mediator will give you an estimate of what is needed when you have explained your circumstances during your initial meeting.

family mediator can help with divorce and separation matters.
helps by ...
Arguing about how to divide up your money and assets. Putting you back in control.
Disagree about what should happen with the family home. Making your financial picture clear.
Mediators help you talk through money, finances, property, and living arrangements with your ex partner and agree arrangements for the future. Walking you through how things might go forward.
Mediation is cheaper than going to court and takes less time and causes less stress. Helping you look at what is affordable until you are ready to make sound decisions that you can live with.
Mediation can be used ...
Mediation works because it helps people find practical solutions that feel fair.
Whether you are married, separated former partners, or divorced but without having settled financial matters at court.

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Children do better when parents are getting on and not fighting. Divorce may make it difficult to concentrate, get organised and move on with your life. Separation can cause feelings of loss, loneliness, sadness, and depression.

Whether you have recently separated or it is some time ago.
A court can make your agreements legally binding. Whether you want a financial clean break or spousal maintenance payments if you are divorcing.
Mediators help make things work.
To tailor a settlement to your particular circumstances.
The family budget may have been managed by one person leaving the other insecure after splitting up.
To decide how to share out assets such as savings, shares and other investments.
Mediation can deal with short term plans like managing joint bank accounts, credit cards, and mortgage payments and paying the bills.
To choose how to organise debts, and other liabilities in a fair and planned way.
Mediation will help you feel ore confident and comfortable talking about money.
To agree how pensions are managed looking forward to retirement in the future.
Worried about the financial needs of the children, your earning and mortgage capacity, ability to build up a pension.
To make decisions about short and longer term accommodation for you and your children if you have them.  This might be for a home that is owned, or where you had a rented property together.
The mediator will help you think through all the options available so you can reach a workable agreement.
To come to acceptable arrangements over child maintenance, if you have children.
There will be financial and practical matters to sort out, some short term and some longer term.
To take account of financial needs going forward where there are new partners involved.
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