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Useful Videos on Family Mediation

Understanding Family Mediation 
Understanding Mediation
Watch a short animation
A short guide to family mediation.

The collaborative was developed by the partners shown.
Ministry of Justice www.gov.uk/moj
Prof Elizabeth Stokoe - Loughborough University -  www.carmtraining.org
Paul Gadd - Protocol IT Ltd - www.protocolit.co.uk
Euan Lockwood - Kerfdesign - www.kerfdesign.co.uk

Listen in on a mediation session.

I want to see my daughter - listen in on a mediation.
Darren and Justine had had an on-off relationship for a couple of years in their early twenties. They'd spend most of that time living together but, when Justine had a baby, the added pressures of parenthood finally brought their relationship to an end.

After Darren moved out, Justine refused to let him see their daughter. She didn't want to have anything to do with him anymore.

There's no way I'm moving to a bedsit - listen in on a mediation.
 decided to divorce after almost twenty years of marriage. Helen felt that they'd both grown apart over the years and had nothing in common anymore.

Helen and Michael had to make some difficult decisions about what would happen to the family as thier two teenage children coming up to exams.

How am I going to pay the bills now? listen in on a mediation.
Ross and Dawn had been married for eight years, with two sons aged five and seven, when Dawn threw Ross out for having an affair. Since the split, they'd both been struggling financially.

Dawn hadn't worked since they'd had the children and Ross' wages wouldn't stretch between two households now they were no longer living together.

How mediation helped.
When the parties above went to family mediation, the mediator helped them to see that it was in everyone's best interests for them to start co-operating with each other again to work out how they were going to manage from now on.
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