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Successful Divorce and Separation Agreements
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Family Mediation for
Divorce and Separation Disputes

Bristol, South West England and South Wales covered Has your relationship ended?

Family mediation is a successful way to resolve personal disputes between separated parents and former partners.

Family Mediation

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Understanding Family Mediation.
Resolve separation and divorce disputes with less stress, more cheaply, and more quickly than going to court. Have you separated or is divorce being considered?
Mediators help arguing former partners or angry separated married couples resolve problems and reach workable solutions. Is communication difficult and stressful?
A Bristol family mediator helps parties reach agreements that are fair and acceptable to both Are you having difficulty sorting out arrangements for your children?
Progress even when you aren’t speaking, having a row or shouting match, or your ex is being unreasonable. Are you arguing over money, debts and your home.
Experienced mediators help arguing parents break out of a stalemate, slanging match or circular argument going nowhere Do you want to get things settled so that you can have peace of mind?
An experienced mediator can help you:
Reach a divorce settlement over property and assets, pensions, savings or debts, house contents, either as a clean break or having spousal maintenance avoiding large legal bills and solicitors costs. Reduce conflict and minimise arguments. "In just one meeting we sorted out which days the children would stay over" 

"It was such a relief to know what was going to happen about child maintenance, the house and pensions"

Sorting out child contact, residency, custody, Christmas, school holidays, birthdays, seeing grandparents, introducing new partners, communicating about the children, handover arrangements, supervised contact, parental responsibility, maintenance payments in spite of strong feelings, getting stuck, or shouting. Untangle practical issues from emotions. 
Treated fairly without feeling bullied in the divorce or separation process Reach agreements over the practicalities of
separation or divorce.
 Support if you are concerned about how relationship breakup affects children, or if you are unsure or confused about the legal side of divorce or house ownership if you were a cohabiting couple. Move on with your separate lives. 
Who is family mediation for ?
The pitfalls of going through court – lives blighted, horrible drawn out courtroom battles, hurtful solicitors letters, children caught in the middle and torn by conflicting loyalties, distress, and lasting bitterness Separating partners, with or without children. 32 Berkeley Road, Bristol, BS7 8HE. A Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting or MIAM is a meeting that couples are now required by the Court to attend to try to resolve their disputes.

Family Mediation Blog

A positive way to resolve issues separation and divorce including looking after your children, what happens to your home, financial support, sharing money and assets. Married or unmarried former couples.
You will need a form FM1 if you apply to court to show that you have been to a MIAM. Same sex relationships, whether or not in civil partnerships.
We cover Bristol, South Gloucestershire, North Somerset, and Bath and North East Somerset, Long Ashton, Backwell, Nailsea, Clevedon, Portishead, Bradley Stoke, Chipping Sodbury, Clevedon, Weston-super-Mare, Chew Magna, Wells, Glastonbury, Street, Taunton, Plymouth, Kingsbridge, Totnes, Torquay, Gloucester, Birmingham, Swindon, Exeter, Yeovil, Reading, Southampton, Cardiff, Swansea People who have lived together, or not co-habited.
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Mediator: Paul Holder Email: Family Mediation Choice 32 Berkeley Rd, Bristol, BS7 8HE Family Mediation Services in Bristol service