About Us

At Family Mediation Choice, we understand how important family and personal relationships are.

We also know that conflicts, frictions, and disintegration can arise, often leaving you feeling lost, confused, and overwhelmed.

Our mission is to provide a safe and inclusive space for families from all corners of the UK mainland to calmly and respectfully address their conflicts for lasting and positive change.

About us

About Who We Are:

Family Mediation Choice consists of a team of accredited mediators dedicated to helping families navigate through intricate family disputes.

With expertise in family, divorce, financial, and child welfare mediation, we have extensive experience in providing diverse and personalised solutions to a wide range of clients.

About Our Services:

We offer an array of expert mediation services, tailored to your unique situation, including:

1. Family Mediation: Our expert mediators help families in conflicts peacefully address their issues, fostering communication, and encouraging collaborative problem-solving.

2. Parental Plans: We guide parents in creating and implementing comprehensive parenting plans, putting their children’s welfare at the forefront.

3. Divorce Mediation: We support separating couples to reach mutually beneficial agreements, mitigating emotional, financial, and legal distress.

4. Shuttle Mediation: We facilitate communication between disputing parties who prefer not to meet face-to-face or need additional support.

5. Online Mediation: We provide a secure and convenient platform for virtual mediation, helping parties resolve disputes remotely.

6. Child-Inclusive Mediation: We involve children in the mediation process where appropriate, ensuring their voices are heard and respected.

7. Financial Mediation: We aid families in untangling complex financial disputes, enabling fair and unprejudiced negotiations.

8. MIAMS (Mediation Information & Assessment Meetings): We educate families about mediation and assess its suitability for their unique circumstances.

9. Child Arrangement Orders: We assist parents in reaching child arrangement agreements compliant with UK law that prioritise the best interests of their children.

Our Approach:





At Family Mediation Choice, we believe in giving every family the opportunity to find peace and resolution on their journey.

Our accredited mediators are trained in empathy, understanding, and most importantly, neutrality.

By actively listening, we ensure that each voice is heard and validate the feelings and experiences of all parties involved.

Working with Family Mediation Choice means joining a safe, nurturing environment where issues are tackled with care and respect. We operate across the UK mainland and can accommodate in-person and online meetings, prioritising flexibility and convenience.

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