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What if i dont want to attend mediation? | Family Mediation Choice

Do we get any recommendations from the mediator? No. Family arbitrators will certainly ask you concerns as well as assist you in structuring your discussions. Moderators, on the other hand, can offer information. This is not a substitute for legal suggestions, which will certainly generally be suggested at some time along the process. What takes […]

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Am I required to attend the MIAM? :- Family Mediator Sandhurst´┐╝

Since 2014, it has been a legal requirement to attend a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) prior to filing a family court application. This will allow you to seek mediation in the initial occurrence. Your Family Mediator Sandhurst will offer you with information about mediation at your MIAM so that you may make an […]

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What contact rights do I have with my child as a father? :- Family Choice Mediation Clifton

This article discusses your rights as a father to maintain contact with your kid. The word "contact" has been substituted for "access," however these terms are frequently used interchangeably in everyday speech. Likewise, the term "custody" has been substituted by "residence" For the purposes of this blog, "access" and "residence" will be used.Important to highlight […]

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