Child Inclusive Mediation: An Overview

This is a specialized method of mediation aimed at providing a platform for children to express their thoughts and preferences concerning the issues affecting their parents’ separation or divorce. It allows children to participate in the decision-making process, which ultimately leads to better outcomes for the entire family. At Family Mediation Choice our team of experienced and accredited mediators will help you understand how child contact mediation works, when it is used, and its benefits in helping families navigate through the challenges of separation and divorce.

child inclusive mediation

Child inclusive mediation is specifically designed to help families experiencing separation or divorce come to a mutual agreement on issues that impact children. Our mediator works with both parties to establish a structured environment that allows for the children to engage with a qualified mental health professional who is trained in child inclusive mediation.

The sessions typically involve one or more meetings with the parents and children. The mediator ensures that the child’s emotional needs are prioritized throughout the process by facilitating discussions about their feelings, needs, and preferences.

When is child inclusive mediation needed?

Child contact mediation is used in cases where parents are not in agreement on issues such as child custody, parenting time, and child support. The method has also proven effective in resolving disputes concerning significant issues impacting the child’s welfare, including the child’s education, medical care, and religion. Additionally, this mediation can be an effective tool for parents seeking to establish a parenting plan that works best for their child while preserving their relationship.

What are the benefits ?

This process of child contact mediation provides numerous benefits for families, including reduced conflict and stress. Studies show that mediation can be particularly beneficial in high-conflict situations by promoting communication and facilitating better decision-making. The mediation provides a safe space for children to voice their preferences and have their needs heard, which improves their mental and emotional well-being. Additionally, the process reduces the risk of children being caught in the middle of parental disputes, which can have a lasting impact on their mental health.

Is the process cost effective ?

Child inclusive mediation can also be cost-effective. Compared to litigation, the process of mediation is relatively inexpensive and less time-consuming. The method promotes cooperation between the parents, reducing the need for legal representation and court appearances. Instead of spending significant amounts of money on lawyer’s fees, parents can use mediation to reach a mutual agreement that works for everyone. See our fees here.

Why choose Family Mediation choice?

Mediation is a beneficial tool for families experiencing separation or divorce. Our process provides a safe space for children to communicate their preferences, which allows them to be included in the decision-making process. It is an effective, cost-efficient, and non-adversarial approach to resolving disputes that are common in separation and divorce. If you are a parent going through a separation or divorce and are looking for a way to navigate these complex issues, contact Family Mediation Choice today to learn more.