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Online mediation
We are experts at assisting individuals in reaching an arrangement online using our tried and also real method of progressive mediation. 

It's one of the reasons we're able to help 90% of our customers resolve their parenting, monetary, or residential property conflicts.

Online resolution:
• We can aid you despite where you live in the world-- as long as one is based in England and Wales.
• For your initial MIAM, you can use Facetime, WhatsApp, Skype, or Zoom.
• Can be held whether you reside in the very same house or separately.
• We offer lightning-fast visits, and also it is usually simpler to schedule conferences with us.
• We can help you in exchanging financial information, and also any agreement reached can signed and documented
• Zoom is what we make use of for joint sessions, and it works great.
• Other Mediation types are available online.
• Mediation at work, and also household.
What is it?
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It can be made use of when there has been residential abuse in the partnership, when the couple merely can not remain in the exact same room with each other, or when one (or both) of the customers is so intimidated by the various other that mediation is not likely to be effective if they are sat with each other.

Shuttle mediation is a type of mediation in which the two challenging events are separated right into separate areas as well as the mediator 'shuttles' in between them in order to help them get to a resolve.

Some moderators dislike shuttle sessions. Others see it as a fantastic device for maintaining customers out of court as well as helping them within an arrangement where arbitration would not otherwise happen.
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Do you work shifts?

Are you worried about childcare - or taking time off work?

Here at Family Mediation Choice we have evening and weekend appointments available for you so you can find the perfection solution.

We work with a range of mediators in different specialities - all understand that our daily lives are hectic. So why not book a flexible evening or weekend appointment so we can mediate around your commitments.
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Why not check out our locations so you can find your nearest mediation office today.

If you are over seas we are able to over video link mediation so distance is never an issue.

If you need any help don't hesitate to contact our team today.


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