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How Family Mediation Choice Can Help You Divide Pensions After a Divorce in Bracknell

Divorce is never a comfortable or easy topic to discuss for anyone involved, and it can be particularly challenging when it comes to dividing assets such as pensions. This is why Family Mediation Choice Bracknell offers a simple, efficient, and stress-free way to divide pensions after a divorce in Bracknell.

What is Family Mediation Choice?

Family Mediation Choice is a professional and reputable family mediation service that offers impartial advice and support to couples who are in the process of separating or divorcing. Our experienced team of mediators is trained to provide you with free legal advice and help you reach a fair and affordable agreement.

Why Mediation is the Better Choice

Mediation can help couples who are separating to have a smoother transition by providing a safe and supportive environment to make decisions collaboratively with the assistance of an expert third-party mediator.

Dividing Pensions after a Divorce

One of the main concerns for couples when it comes to divorce is dividing their assets. Dividing pensions can be particularly challenging due to the complexity of the legal requirements and the financial implications involved. At Family Mediation Choice, we can provide you with a professional mediator who will work with both parties involved to create a divorce settlement agreement that is clear and of mutual benefit.

How We Can Help You

Our experienced team of mediators at Family Mediation Choice can help with several aspects of dividing pensions after a divorce:

Identifying All Pensions

Our mediators will help you identify and locate all pensions you and your spouse had during your marriage.

Pension Court Order Service

If your pension is a final salary pension, the best route is simply to agree to a pension share between yourselves. For money purchase private pensions, Family Mediation Choice can apply for a pension court order for you. A pension court order legally ensures that your ex-spouse will receive the agreed upon portion of your pension upon retirement.

Establishing the Value of Pensions

The value of pensions is calculated differently depending on the type of pension. Our expert mediators can help determine the value of your pensions so that you get what you’re entitled to.

Being Objective

Our mediators can offer advice and guidance in a neutral and objective manner, taking the stress and strain away from the often-difficult communication required during this process.

Family Mediation Choice can help

If you or someone you know is dealing with the challenges of separation, divorce, and division of pensions, Family Mediation Choice can help. Our team of professional mediators will work with you to create a fair agreement that satisfies both parties, with a focus on reducing stress and arriving at a mutually agreeable settlement. Contact us to learn more about our pension division services in Bracknell.

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