Ministry of Justice Voucher Scheme

Navigating Family Conflict with Support – An Insight Into The Ministry of Justice Voucher Scheme for Mediation

Understanding the Voucher Scheme

Mediation has a high success rate.

The Ministry of Justice Voucher Scheme is an initiative aimed at lessening the emotional and financial strain on family members undergoing separation or involved in disputes. By providing a financial contribution towards the costs of mediation, the scheme facilitates a pathway for families to resolve their issues amicably outside of court, promoting a more collaborative approach to conflict resolution. Speak to a trained mediator about the eligibility requirements and how we can offer advice on your first assessment meeting and your mediation information assessment meeting (MIAM). 

How Does the Ministry of Justice Voucher Scheme Work?

The purpose of the scheme is straightforward. It applies to families dealing with disputes regarding child arrangements (such as contact and living arrangements) and financial matters related to relationships breakdowns. Here’s how the process works:

  1. Eligibility Check: To benefit from the scheme, families must first confirm their eligibility with an assessment meeting. This is typically done through a trained independent mediator who reviews the nature of the dispute and the parties involved.
  2. Mediation Engagement: Once eligibility is confirmed, and a qualified mediator is engaged, the voucher covers up to £500 of the family mediation joint sessions cost.
  3. Resolution and Support: The mediation process encourages open communication and negotiation, with the mediator guiding the discussion to help reach a voluntary agreement. 

Accessing the Scheme

Access to the Family Mediation Voucher Scheme is facilitated through accredited mediation services that are registered with the Family Mediation Council. Families or individuals interested in this support can contact one of our participating mediators by filling in our contact form with the necessary information HERE. The purpose of this scheme is for eligible parties to access mediation providers so that individual circumstances of family dispute can be resolved. The voucher scheme assists with the mediation costs of a child arrangements case.

Family conflicts, while challenging, do not always require contentious courtroom battles to find a resolution. The Ministry of Justice’s voucher scheme for mediation participants represents a vital step forward in supporting families through these difficult times. By reducing the financial barrier and promoting a collaborative approach, the scheme not only eases the present conflict but also lays a foundation for positive interactions in the future.

If people find themselves navigating the waters of family dispute, speaking to our team to find out what additional support is available for the total cost of their mediation Legal Aid is also available for eligible cases and can assist with the funding of mediation sessions. 

For families in conflict, the benefits of mediation can make all the difference. By exploring options like the Ministry of Justice voucher scheme, resolutions can be achieved in an efficient way that nurtures the family’s well-being and future relationship dynamics.