Family Mediation Choice Staines - Your Best Option!

May 16, 2022

You have a desire to mediate.

If your relationship has ended, you may discover that Family Mediation Choice Staines is the best option for you. It is vital for you to organise the situation. There are choices to be made about the family's money and children's care. You are seeking the services of a mediator because you have been advised that this technique is superior and more cost-effective. The issue is that the closest mediator is forty minutes away by automobile, which is a considerable distance. Therefore, you would need to take a break from work equal to a half-day in order to attend a two-hour meeting.

Try online meditation whether you're at home or the workplace.

Therefore, here at Family Mediation Choice Staines, you have the option of participating in online mediation sessions via webcam, whether you are at home or at work. No driving is permitted, and no parking is accessible. Furthermore, there is no need to worry about leaving on time or running behind schedule. Because all that is necessary is a quiet room with a table or desk, a chair with suitable back support, and a high-speed Internet connection. You may engage in online mediation with an experienced online Family Mediation Choice Staines mediator if you have access to a webcam-equipped desktop or laptop computer, as well as a tablet or smartphone.

The Option for Family Mediation The use of Staines will save time and money.

Mediation is far more efficient than legal counsel or litigation. Compared to the normal time frame of 16 months, mediation often results in a resolution within four months. Most significantly, this accelerates the beginning of your recovery. However, it also means that you will end up spending a fraction of what you would have spent on attorney fees.

We are qualified to perform this task.

Very few mediators have training on how to conduct business online. On the other hand, one of our other senior accredited mediators, Stephen Anderson, has. His specialised training with the Hawaiian Mediation Project was completed in 2011. In 2012, he became the first family mediator in the United Kingdom to routinely do internet mediation. Stephen presented at many conferences throughout 2016 on the subject. In addition, he contributed to the formulation of the online mediation rules that all family mediators practising in England and Wales are required to follow.

If you would like to try online mediation, please fill out the form on this page or phone us at 03300 100 309. We would be delighted to explore the process's possible applicability with you.

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