Family Mediation Choice Thame Online Mediation

May 16, 2022

You have an interest in mediating.

If your relationship has come to an end, you could find that online Family Mediation Choice Thame is the answer for you. It is necessary for you to put things in order. There are decisions to be made about the finances and the care of the children. You are looking for a mediator's assistance since you have been informed that this strategy is superior in addition to being more cost-effective. The problem is that the nearest mediator is located forty minutes away by car, which is a significant distance. Because of this, you would need to take a break from work equal to one-half day simply to attend a meeting that lasts two hours.

Try mediating online, whether you're at home or at the office.

As a result, here at Family Mediation Choice Thame, we are able to provide you with the option of participating in online mediation sessions via webcam, regardless of whether you are at your place of business or at your residence. There is no driving and no parking is available. In addition, there is no need to be concerned about departing on time or about running behind schedule. Because all that is required of you is a quiet room with a table or desk, a chair with enough back support, and a connection to the internet of sufficient speed. You'll be able to participate in online mediation with a seasoned online Family Mediation Choice Thame mediator provided that you have access to a desktop or laptop computer equipped with a webcam, as well as a tablet or smartphone.

The Family Mediation Choice Thame will save both time and money.

When compared to the amount of time spent on legal representation or in court, mediation is much more efficient. When compared to the conventional time frame of 16 months, mediation typically only takes around 4 months to reach a resolution. Most importantly, this expedites the beginning of your recuperation process. On the other hand, it also indicates that you will wind up spending a portion of what you could have spent on attorney costs.

We are qualified to do this.

Very few mediators have any kind of training on how to operate online. On the other hand, Stephen Anderson, one of our other senior accredited mediators, has. 2011 was the year when he completed his specialised training with the Hawaiian Mediation Project. After that, in 2012, he established himself as the first family mediator in the United Kingdom to frequently conduct internet mediation. In 2016, Stephen gave presentations at a number of different conferences on the subject. In addition to this, he was a contributor to the writing of the guidelines for online mediation that are needed to be adhered to by all family mediators operating in England and Wales.

If you’d like to try online mediation fill in our online form here or call us on 03300 100 309 . We’d be happy to discuss with you the process’s potential suitability.

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