Amplifying Children’s Voices Through Child-Inclusive Mediation in Saltash

June 3, 2022

What is Child-Inclusive Mediation?

Child-Inclusive Mediation is a process that allows family members to resolve conflicts in an amicable way. The process helps families by encouraging open communication, mutual understanding, and collaboration. Through this approach, the children’s voices are heard and taken into consideration, making sure that their needs, opinions, and feelings about the issues are taken into account. At Family Mediation Choice in Saltash, we use child-inclusive mediation as a way to empower children when resolving family disputes.

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Advantages of Child-Inclusive Mediation

Child-inclusive mediation offers numerous benefits for families going through difficult times. This approach provides a safe, secure, and non-threatening environment where kids can express themselves without fear of judgement or criticism. Here are some of the advantages of child-inclusive mediation:

  • Allows children to express themselves in a safe environment
  • Helps to reduce family conflict
  • Promotes family collaboration
  • Respects the child’s voice and opinion
  • Helps to resolve disputes in an amicable way
  • Encourages open communication
  • Enhances mutual understanding
  • Strengthens the family bond

How Can Family Mediation Choice Help?

At Family Mediation Choice, we understand the importance of involving children in mediation. We are dedicated to helping families resolve disputes in a way that is respectful of the child’s opinion. Our team of family mediators in Saltash is skilled and trained in child-inclusive mediation, which is a process that helps to bring the voices of children into the conversation. We will work with your family to ensure that your child’s opinion is taken into account and respected.


Family Mediation Choice in Saltash is committed to helping families resolve disputes in a respectful and collaborative manner. Our team of skilled family mediators is trained in child-inclusive mediation, so that your child’s opinion and voice is heard and respected. With the help of our experienced mediators, your family can benefit from a process that helps to reduce conflict and strengthen family bonds.