How Child-inclusive Mediation Saltash may amplify children's voices

June 3, 2022

The purpose of Child-inclusive Mediation Saltash is to help prevent controversial divorces from degenerating into screaming matches. The mediator acts as something to do and provides an independent opinion on any disputes. Additionally, the mediator works to bridge the gap that exists between the two parties so that the process can move forward.

Obviously, not all divorces involve the child(ren) of the relationship, and Mediation Saltash can be of direct help to those couples who do not have children. In these situations, communication may simply involve the two parties involved, and it can thus be kept relatively straightforward and cordial.

However, in situations in which there are additional dependents, Mediation Saltash is a method to ensure that these "small voices" have their own say on matters that may impact their future. This is an important factor that extends well beyond the day the divorce is finalised.

Both in sight and sound

A recent report by the Today programme on BBC Radio 4 noted calls from campaigners, some children, and some senior judges for young people to have a direct say in divorce proceedings – even being allowed to speak privately to the judge about their wishes for their own future. The report was based on a recent incident that was covered by the programme.

Although there is currently no legal right for children to be given this opportunity, some judges go out of their way to include them in proceedings and even make it a point to ensure that their ruling reflects the child's own wishes as much as possible. However, there is no legal right for children to be given this opportunity.

However, in all matters involving family law, Mediation Saltash is required at the very least to be explored. When a mediator is involved in the proceedings, they are able to ensure that any young people who are affected are also kept involved.

More than just a single voice

It is essential to understand that including children in divorce and other matters pertaining to family law entails doing more than simply asking them what it is that they desire.

It is also possible for mediators to ensure that children are provided with continuous updates regarding the proceedings, which should be done without the use of legal language, so that the children do not have the impression that they have been excluded from the room and kept out of the loop.

However, even after the divorce is finalised, mediators can continue to give much-needed help as the parents adjust to new living arrangements and shared responsibilities rather than round-the-clock co-parenting of their children.

Your obligations as a parent do not cease when you get a divorce, and although they do not fundamentally alter either, the logistics of being there for your child following the breakup of your marriage might be very different from what they were before.

Mediation Saltash is there for both parties and for your children as well, without judgement or partisanship, but always for the mediator to share with you their expertise and experience, to calm the waters, and most importantly to resolve any future disputes as they arise, before they can cause unnecessary trauma to your child. Mediation Saltash is available.

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