How Mediation Can Help Unmarried Couples Navigate Relationship Dissolution

November 16, 2022

Relationship dissolution can be complicated, especially for unmarried couples. However, there are alternatives available to help them reach an amicable resolution. One such option is mediation. In this article, we’ll explore whether mediation can be an appropriate solution for dealing with the dissolution of a non-married relationship and how Family Mediation Choice can guide you through the process.

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Understanding Relationship Dissolution

Relationship dissolution refers to the ending of a romantic partnership between two individuals. It includes the division of assets, determining custody of children or pets, and resolving other issues that may arise from the separation. In many cases, couples who were never married will still have shared assets and responsibilities that require resolution.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a process where a neutral third party helps parties reach a mutually acceptable agreement. In mediation, the mediator does not make decisions for the parties involved but rather facilitates communication and negotiation. Mediation is often a more cost-effective and less time-consuming alternative to going to court.

Benefits of Mediation for Relationship Dissolution

  1. Flexibility: Mediation is a flexible process that allows parties to work together to find a solution that works for everyone involved. Couples who were never married may have unique circumstances that do not fit into the legal framework of divorce proceedings. Mediation allows parties to come up with creative solutions that meet their specific needs.
  2. Cost-effective: Mediation is generally less expensive than going to court. The cost of mediation is often shared between the parties involved, making it a more affordable option.
  3. Confidentiality: Mediation sessions are confidential, providing a safe and private environment for parties to discuss their concerns. This can lead to more open and honest communication, which can ultimately lead to better outcomes.
  4. Control over the Outcome: In mediation, parties have control over the outcome of the process. They can negotiate and come up with a solution that works for them instead of having a judge make decisions for them.
  5. Preservation of Relationships: Mediation can help preserve relationships between parties, even after a separation. This is especially important when children or pets are involved. Mediation can help parties communicate better and work towards a mutually acceptable agreement.


Mediation can be an appropriate solution for unmarried couples dealing with relationship dissolution. It provides a flexible, cost-effective, and confidential environment that allows parties to control the outcome and preserve relationships. Family Mediation Choice provides comprehensive and professional mediation services that can help you navigate the complexities of relationship dissolution without going to court. Our team of experienced mediators is dedicated to guiding you through the process in a fair and amicable way.