The Mediation Newmarket should come first, not last!

May 18, 2022

Despite the fact that there is no question in my mind that everyone involved in the legal system, ranging from the govt to solicitors, should put far more energy than they currently do into encouraging more people to act as a mediator rather than litigate while they are getting divorced, I have been mediating for a long enough time to realise that this is extremely unlikely to happen any time soon.

Even while it would be encouraging to witness a shift that was driven by society rather than mediators, we as mediators need to realise that it is our responsibility to ensure that as many people as possible are aware of the advantages of Mediation Newmarket.

It's possible that spreading messages that are straightforward yet powerful is the answer, and in that spirit, I'll share one of those messages with you now: "Anyone who is divorcing and who has assets to split or who has children's needs to consider should visit a mediator first!"

When there are significant assets (such as houses or pensions) or future needs (such as school fees or mortgages to pay), Mediation Newmarket can be particularly effective, both from the results perspective and the cost perspective. Mediation Newmarket can be particularly effective when there are significant assets (such as houses or pensions). The traditional legal system conveys the message that the only way to deal with these challenges is to adopt an adversarial strategy via lawyers, with the common belief that it is more vital to fight your corner fiercely the larger the value of the assets that are at stake in the dispute.

The truth, however, is frequently just the opposite of that. When considering the possible benefits of Mediation Newmarket, it is important to keep in mind that the value of the assets at stake as well as the potential gap between where each party stands makes a significant impact in this regard. I find that I spend far too much time talking to clients who come to see me after having spent very large sums of money on the legal process with very little progress to show for it and wishing that they had begun mediation far sooner. I find that this is an extremely frustrating experience for both parties involved.

The legal system will react to the circumstances in the same way that water will find its own level, with the consequent legal fees growing in proportion to the amount of the marital assets. In the same way that water will find its own level, the legal system will adjust to the circumstances.

In contrast, the costs of Mediation Newmarket are typically very similar, regardless of the scale of finances that are being discussed, and I frequently work with clients who could easily likes to spend tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds through the disputed legal system but who end up spending a tiny proportion of this in mediation whilst still ensuring that everything from financial disclosure to making important financial decisions is handled as sensitively and robustly as is required for each in their particular situation. This is the case even though I frequently work with clients who could easily spends

Therefore, kindly keep in mind that you should speak with a mediator first (and not last), and please don't hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions regarding the Mediation Newmarket procedure.

If you have questions, please call us at 03300 100 309

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