The Value of Attending a MIAM Even When Mediation Isn’t Your Goal | Family Mediation Choice

September 29, 2022

Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings (MIAMs) are often the first step in the family mediation process. However, many individuals wonder about the benefits of attending a MIAM if they do not intend to participate in mediation. In this comprehensive article, we will explore the value of MIAMs, even for those who are not planning on mediating, and discuss the role of Family Mediation Choice in facilitating these meetings.


Understanding MIAMs

A Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) is a confidential and impartial session conducted by a qualified family mediator. The primary objectives of a MIAM are to:

  • Explain the mediation process and its benefits
  • Assess the suitability of mediation for your specific situation
  • Address any concerns or questions you may have about mediation
  • Provide information about alternative dispute resolution methods

Attending a MIAM is a legal requirement in England and Wales before applying to court for most family matters, such as child custody disputes or financial settlements.

Benefits of Attending a MIAM Even If You’re Not Planning on Mediating

There are several advantages to attending a MIAM, even if you do not intend to participate in mediation:

  1. Gaining a better understanding of mediation: A MIAM provides a comprehensive overview of the mediation process, helping you make an informed decision about whether it might be a suitable option for your situation.
  2. Exploring alternative dispute resolution options: During a MIAM, the mediator will also discuss other methods of resolving disputes outside of mediation, such as collaborative law or arbitration. This information can be valuable in helping you choose the best course of action for your circumstances.
  3. Fulfilling legal requirements: As mentioned earlier, attending a MIAM is a legal prerequisite for most family court applications. By completing this requirement, you can proceed with your case without any unnecessary delays.
  4. Opportunity for reflection: A MIAM offers a chance to reflect on your situation, consider the potential benefits of mediation, and weigh the pros and cons of various dispute resolution methods.
  5. Reducing the risk of court proceedings: Even if you are not initially planning on mediating, attending a MIAM may help you recognize the advantages of mediation and reconsider your decision. This could ultimately save you time, money, and emotional stress by avoiding court proceedings.

The Role of Family Mediation Choice in MIAMs

Family Mediation Choice plays a crucial role in facilitating MIAMs and ensuring that individuals have access to accurate and relevant information about mediation and other dispute resolution options. The company provides:

  • Qualified and experienced mediators to conduct MIAMs
  • A neutral and confidential environment for discussing your concerns and needs
  • Comprehensive information about the mediation process, its benefits, and alternatives
  • Support and guidance throughout the MIAM and, if necessary, the subsequent mediation process

By choosing Family Mediation Choice for your MIAM, you can rest assured that you are receiving expert advice and support from professionals who understand the complexities of family disputes and the importance of finding suitable resolution methods.


Attending a MIAM is valuable even if you do not initially plan on participating in mediation. A MIAM provides essential information about the mediation process and alternative dispute resolution methods, helping you make an informed decision about the best course of action for your unique situation. Additionally, attending a MIAM fulfills a legal requirement, allowing you to proceed with your case without unnecessary delays.

Family Mediation Choice is dedicated to facilitating MIAMs and providing individuals with the support and information they need to navigate the complexities of family disputes. By attending a MIAM with Family Mediation Choice, you can gain a better understanding of your options and make the most informed decision for your family’s future.