When a Mediation Reigate "fails," what happens?

May 17, 2022

What happens if the mediation process fails?

To be a mediator, I always hope that all of the challenges my clients are dealing with may be resolved. It's not always achievable for a variety of reasons, including things that are beyond of their control or a stalemate that can't always be avoided.

Even if no agreement can be reached on all concerns, the process of Mediation Reigate can still be beneficial in the following ways: –

  • A few mediation sessions may have helped enhance communication between parties, even if it wasn't to everyone's satisfaction. Even if you just take one step in the correct direction, you're still making progress.
  • The mediator will be able to use the information obtained and communicated during the financial disclosure process to assist the couple in resolving their financial concerns. One or two rounds of solicitor discussion may be all that's required to break a deadlock or settle a dispute over which Mediation Reigate failed.
  • Empathy and compassion are frequently demonstrated throughout the Mediation Reigate process, and this can have a good effect for months or years thereafter.
  • After resolving all previous concerns, arbitration or another form of dispute resolution may be the next step if there are any remaining difficulties.
  • Following discussions on either child custody or financial problems, both parties should have a better understanding of the other's objectives and aspirations. This will allow future choices to be more focused on methods that will be acceptable to all parties involved in the negotiations.
  • Mediation Reigate that includes children can offer them a say in the resolution of conflicts. As long as there is no settlement, the children will know that their parents have promised to pass on their preferences even if no agreement can be achieved.
  • The attorneys will be aware of the areas of disagreement and therefore better able to give advice on the likelihood of victory, the likelihood that litigation will ensue, as well as the costs that may follow, which may aid in making course-proportionate judgments moving ahead.

Issues that have not been resolved after Mediation Reigate can be assisted by:

  • Negotiation with a lawyer
  • Meetings held around a table
  • Arbitration
  • FDRs conducted in the privacy of individuals

There's always the court system.

Traditional mediation, hybrid mediation, or the kid inclusive mediation method all have merits. You can contact us if you'd want to talk about the benefits of Mediation Reigate or what happens if it doesn't work out.

Contact us at 03300 100 309 if you have any questions.

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