Keeping Your Mediation/MIAM Appointments Confidential with Family Mediation Choice

August 10, 2022

At Family Mediation Choice, we believe that all parties involved in a mediation or MIAM appointment should receive the privacy and respect they deserve. We take confidentiality very seriously and strive to ensure that our mediators adhere to strict professional standards. With our team of experienced mediators, you can be sure that your mediation/MIAM session will remain confidential.


What is Confidentiality in Mediation?

When it comes to working through family disputes, confidentiality is of utmost importance. Mediation and MIAM appointments involve conversations about sensitive matters that should not be shared with other parties. This is why it’s essential to ensure that any mediation or MIAM appointment you attend is kept confidential.

Understanding the Legal Requirements for Confidentiality

When it comes to seeking assistance for family disputes, mediation and MIAM (Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting) appointments are available to help couples come to a satisfactory agreement. However, for many couples, a major concern is how to ensure that their information remains confidential in such a situation. Here at Family Mediation Choice, we understand the importance of confidentiality and put maximum effort into ensuring our clients’ information is kept secure.

How Is the Law Structured?

The law is structured in such a way that all records and documents from mediation and MIAM appointments are deemed confidential and stored securely. All of our mediators are legally obliged to maintain client confidentiality, and they must also abide by the Family Mediation Council’s Code of Practice. This means all information remains confidential between the parties and the mediator, and cannot be shared with any third parties without the express permission of the parties involved.

What Happens if There Is a Breach of Confidentiality?

The Family Mediation Council has clear and strict rules regarding breaches of confidentiality. If a mediator is found to be in breach of these rules, then the mediator will be referred to a disciplinary hearing and could face disciplinary action. This helps to ensure that mediators abide by the rules and regulations surrounding client confidentiality.

What Measures Does Family Mediation Choice Take to Ensure Confidentiality?

At Family Mediation Choice, we make confidentiality one of our top priorities. We have a number of measures in place to ensure that your mediation/MIAM appointment is kept confidential. These measures include:

  • A clear confidentiality clause in our agreements. This clause outlines the expected level of confidentiality that is to be maintained by both parties.
  • We have a strict policy of not sharing any information about our clients or their mediation/MIAM appointments with third parties.
  • We provide secure storage for all documents related to mediation/MIAM appointments, including those related to any decisions made during the appointments.
  • We provide all parties with a copy of the signed confidentiality agreement prior to the start of the appointment.
  • We ensure that our mediators are trained and experienced in handling confidential matters.

The Benefits of Confidentiality in Mediation/MIAM Appointments

Confidentiality is essential for mediation/MIAM appointments to be successful. It assists in creating an atmosphere of trust and safety, enabling all parties to feel comfortable in expressing their thoughts and emotions freely. It also allows mediators to more effectively manage disputes, as they are able to share information that might otherwise be prohibited. Additionally, confidentiality protects the privacy of all parties involved in a mediation/MIAM appointment.


At Family Mediation Choice, we understand how important it is for our clients to ensure their information remains confidential during mediation or MIAM appointments. All of our mediators are legally obliged to maintain client confidentiality, and we use only the most secure methods to store all client data and documents. We strive to ensure that all of our clients can have peace of mind knowing their information is kept secure at all times.