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June 27, 2022

Family Mediation Choice Ampthill children law solicitors The question "How long does it take to acquire a child arrangements order?" is one that is regularly posed to Family Mediation Ampthill attorneys that specialize in children's law. It is understandable for a parent to be apprehensive about commencing court procedures in accordance with children's legislation. Parents want to know the probable timelines for getting a child arrangements order, in addition to the expense and the chance of success in such an endeavour. This article takes a look at how long the process of obtaining a child arrangements order takes.

What exactly is an order regarding child custody?

In the United Kingdom, the concept of a child arrangements order is not common knowledge among all adults. Child residence and child contact orders were the previous names for child custody and access orders. The "child arrangements order" is the most recent name change for these types of court decisions.

A child arrangements order may include both custody and visitation provisions, as it may specify both where the child resides (either with a primary or shared carer) and with whom the child should have contact. For example, it may state that the child should spend the majority of their time with the primary caretaker. The communication might take place on weekends, throughout the week, on holidays, or be indirect.

When a couple is divorced or legally separates, does the court immediately issue an order on child custody?

According to the laws governing children in the United Kingdom, a court should not make a child arrangements order unless there is a disagreement between divorced parents that they are unable to resolve through consensus or Family Mediation Ampthill . Either parent, whether they are still married or not, has the right to apply to the family court for a child arrangements order after a separation or divorce if they are unable to come to an agreement with the other over the most optimal and suitable child care arrangements for their child.

When it comes to obtaining a child arrangements order, how long does the process typically take?

It is not feasible to provide an accurate estimate of the amount of time needed to get a child arrangements order. As much as depends on the circumstances around the family. Children's law attorneys who have a significant amount of expertise have been successful in obtaining an emergency child arrangements order in a matter of hours. For instance, if one parent is concerned that the other parent is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and it would be unsafe to return a young child to them, but the other parent refuses to accept that, get help, or agree to the child staying with the other parent until they are able to care for the child again, the court may order the child to remain with the other parent until they are able to care for the child again. In this scenario, the court may order the child to remain with the other parent.

When a petition is filed asking the court to make an urgent child arrangements order, the court will most likely issue a temporary child arrangements order until it can assess what kind of long-term child arrangements order is in the child's best long-term interests.

In some other types of instances involving child arrangements order, getting a child arrangements order might take many months. For instance, if one parent claims that a child does not want to see the other parent or that the other parent has emotionally or physically abused the child, the court may conduct extensive investigations and order reports before deciding on contact and what child arrangements order is best for the child. This is done in order to ensure that the child receives the best possible care possible. A period of time of this duration can be exceedingly distressing for a parent, particularly if that parent believes they have been wrongly accused or that they are the target of parental alienation. The court proceedings may take a long time to determine because the family judge may want to hold a series of interim court hearings (such as a finding of fact hearing to determine if the parent's allegations of abuse are true) or order an independent assessment by a CAFCASS officer or the report of a child psychologist. In addition, the family judge may want to hold a finding of fact hearing to determine if the parent's allegations of abuse are true.

If you and your partner are unable to reach an agreement over the care of your kid, you should see an expert children's law attorney about the anticipated timeline for getting a child arrangements order if you find yourself in this situation. They will listen to the reasons why you require a child arrangements order as well as your concerns, discuss any intricacies, and then provide you with a realistic time for the court proceedings as well as the likelihood of the court attempting to make interim child arrangements orders until the final hearing of your case.

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