June 28, 2022


Develop your two-year strategy.

Let's begin with the conclusion in mind. Instead of focusing on the present moment of your Mediation Ely divorce, take a time to consider what you would like your life to look like in two years. Where would you choose to reside? What do you wish you were doing for a living? How do you anticipate the youngsters will develop in two years? How would you wish your relationship with your ex-partner to be?

List the five most important pillars of your life and describe how you would like them to look:

  • What do you want to do if you want to work? Do you wish to start your own business or pursue a new profession?
  • How do you envision your relationship with your ex-spouse? Do you desire a professional connection that is only focused on the children?
  • How do you want your children to behave and feel about both of their parents?
  • Where do you wish to reside? What kind of property is it? How many bedrooms does it have?
  • How would you like to interact with your extended family? Such as grandparents on both sides?
  • Which friends do you wish to have in your life, and what will you do with them?

The aforementioned six sectors are the future pillars that will sustain your life. Examine each pillar and describe precisely how you want it to appear in two years. Family Mediation Choice Ely

Why record this? Because, without you even consciously considering it, your brain will begin to figure out how to make things occur. It is just what the brain does. Concentrate on them, visualise what they will look like, and then take action to achieve them.

Why are there two years? According to the majority of people, this is how long it took for them to get over this chapter of their lives and feel totally prepared to go on. Having a two-year plan can also help you deal with the divorce's expected disadvantages and difficulties. Simply keep the strategy in mind and maintain forward momentum. You'll be alright.

Recognize your part in the divorce.

Unless it was an arranged or forced marriage, you most likely made the decision to marry the person you are now divorcing. That was your own free will. With the advent of the no-fault divorce legislation, there is nothing you can do to prevent the divorce from occurring.

Regardless of the cause for the Mediation Ely divorce, you must accept your involvement in the dissolution of the marriage. It is freeing. Did you become too used to the relationship? Have you ceased communicating as effectively as you once did? Did you grow apart? Understanding your involvement in creating this scenario and then accepting responsibility for it is a crucial step in moving forward. Putting all of the blame on the other person, feeling bitter and angry, and not learning any lessons other than "I'll never get married again!" will not serve you well in the future. Acceptance, assuming reasonable responsibility, and moving forward will assist you in the future.

There are exceptions to any rule; nevertheless, if the reason for your divorce is domestic abuse, you must recognise that there is never an acceptable cause for abuse. You must prioritise your own safety and choose a someone who would never contemplate hurting you.


Currently, you are likely concerned about your children, your friends, your family, and everyone else. Attempting to maintain composure while experiencing an emotional trauma might be nearly difficult.

Permit yourself to be a little self-centered. Having a horrible day? That's OK. You can watch Netflix all day if you so choose. The world will not end! Need to take a vacation with friends? Try your best. It may be just what you need to regain energy and concentrate on going forward. Want to purchase a new watch, article of apparel, or enrol in a course? Permit yourself to invest in yourself and to indulge. Small treats to reward oneself for a successful, pleasant day can be helpful. We do not recommend spending the family money on new things, since this will not be a long-term solution. No one expects you to be 100 percent functional through a Mediation Ely divorce. Therefore, you should not anticipate anything of yourself.


Almost every parent going through a divorce or separation states that the children will take precedence. However, they rarely agree on what those priorities are. During a divorce, it is usual for roles to become increasingly intertwined. To make ends meet, a homemaker may need to take on additional employment, and the breadwinner may need to spend more time with the children than when they were working. That is entirely natural and a good thing when executed effectively.

Plan on doing something with your children rather than simply spending time with them. It does not have to be costly. Numerous studies indicate that it is not the act of divorce itself that might cause emotional harm to a kid, but rather the manner in which it is carried out. If, as a result of the divorce, the children spend more quality and joyful time with one parent than before, this is a positive consequence.

Creating a parenting plan might help you and your partner agree on how you will raise your children together. A kid must have a loving relationship with both sets of parents, unless there is a risk of grave harm, according to the law. It is then up to the two of you to work together to determine what this means moving ahead.

If you are no longer married, your children still have the same mother and father.

Our blog post titled "Ten Mistakes Parents Make During a Divorce or Separation" elaborates in further depth.


It is totally natural and fair to disagree on all aspects of your divorce or separation. Many happily married couples differ on financial and parenting issues. Therefore, it is not surprising that couples struggle when communication becomes increasingly difficult.

The purpose of family law is to assist you in meeting your future requirements and the needs of any children. In most instances, it is less important who performed what roles in the marriage, who paid for what, or why the marriage ended. Our Ultimate Guide to a Financial Settlement provides further information on this topic.

However, concentrating on your future requirements might help you resolve issues. What size home do you require? What is the price of that? Using Rightmove and speaking with a mortgage specialist about your mortgage capacity will help you decide how to split the assets.

If you are having difficulty reaching an agreement, at least attempt to agree on the approach (or procedures) you will employ to help you reach a resolution. There are eleven known ways for divorce or separation conflict settlement. Mediation Ely within the family is only one of many approaches.


You cannot alter the past, nor can you alter another person. Only you can make genuine changes to yourself. The decisions and actions you make today should be consistent with your future requirements. This is why family law exists.

Therefore, do not waste time or money researching documentation of who paid for what or who did what in the past. In a long-term marriage and in 95 percent of situations, going to court will not affect the outcome. Focus on your true financial need and your desired child care options. It will serve you better in obtaining an amicable divorce settlement and save you a great deal of time, worry, and money.


The purpose of family law is not to penalise or reward behaviour during the marriage (except in a few highly extreme cases). The only time behaviour is evaluated is when you are attempting to fix issues. If the court determines that you have attempted to obstruct the process, made excessive demands, refused to mediate without good cause, or acted dishonestly, they may punish you by allocating legal fees or even dividing your assets. Refer to our blog for further details.

If the law is not designed to penalise behaviour throughout the relationship, you should not attempt to change it. You are likely to incur expensive legal bills and may be saddled with a court order you disagree with. There are eleven ways to achieve a divorce or separation agreement. The majority of individuals begin with number 1, which involves simple conversation. In the majority of circumstances, one of the other alternatives will result in a better-constructed and more amiable agreement than option number 11.


We have already covered how you may be a little selfish at this time. Then why not also invest in yourself? Whether it's meeting with friends to get things off your chest and out of your mind, or taking genuine good action by speaking to a divorce coach, therapist, or counsellor - or even a life coach – there are a variety of options available. Obtaining assistance from a third party, particularly an experienced expert, can help you maintain focus and get through this tough period.

You should also consider contacting Child Law Advice for any parenting-related difficulties and obtaining excellent independent legal counsel for money concerns. All of these may be viewed as benefits that will help you go forward in a better and happier state.


We recognise that every circumstance is unique, but if you're going to spend the next two years working on yourself and pursuing the amazing life you've envisioned, you'll be an especially attractive spouse for someone fresh! In England and Wales, each year there are over 100,000 divorces and many more persons experiencing separation. Your future

Your companion may be in the same circumstances as you are today. When you feel ready to begin dating again, you want to be your absolute best self. You don't want to spend your first date discussing your divorce and how terrible your ex-spouse is.

Taking a break from a relationship allows you to concentrate on your life goals. Enjoy the moment while it is still available.


Family Mediation Choice's slogan is "Find Your Future." We selected this because it encapsulates exactly what we assist clients with. Yes, we can assist clients reach an agreement, handle legal papers, and get a divorce amicably. The primary advantage we give is the opportunity for you both to go on with your lives. No one desires a continuous cycle of legal fees, court dates, and anxiety. Instead, you want to know where you will live, how much money you will have for household expenses, if you can afford a vacation in the near future, and how often the children will spend time with each parent.

The resolution of these practical concerns enables you to concentrate more on the emotional side. And resolving these challenges is really beneficial to your mental health. If you are unable to address issues on your own, family mediation is typically the next natural step to take. Regardless of the approach you take, the conclusion should allow you to go on to what will undoubtedly be and should be a great future. Even if it differs from the one you envisioned when you were first married.

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