Family Mediation Choice Falmouth is glad to see the £500 voucher programme extended.

June 28, 2022


Family Mediation Choice Falmouth is glad to inform that the voucher programme for $500 has been extended by the government until March 31, 2023. This decision was made this week. They recently allotted an additional £5.4 million in order to demonstrate their continuous commitment to family mediation in the hopes of resolving family issues involving children. Since it was first introduced in April 2021, the voucher programme has been beneficial to over 8,400 different families so far.

Instead of incurring the time, money, and stress of going to court, the programme assists parents or grandparents in engaging in Mediation Falmouth in order to negotiate the arrangements that will be made for their children.

The government, the judiciary, and the courts are all aware of the fact that the majority of disagreements over the care of children are best addressed either directly between the parents or via the use of Family Mediation Falmouth. An application to the court should only be made as a last option or when there are particular concerns that need the power of a court to handle them, such as in situations where there is a high danger of harm coming to a child.

Before any hearing about the custody of the children begins, have a look at our post titled "Will it seem bad if I refuse to go to mediation?" for more information on how the court regards family mediation.

In most cases, you will be required to have participated in a Mediation Falmouth Information Assessment Meeting (often abbreviated as an MIAM) with a view toward family mediation in advance of filing a lawsuit in a court of law. Even though there are 15 ways to avoid having to attend an MIAM, the vast majority of court petitions will still require attendance at one. Although it does not cover the cost of your MIAM sessions, the government voucher plan contributes £500 toward your combined family mediation sessions. Family Mediation Choice has agreed to manage the scheme on your behalf and is a participant in the programme.


  • The five hundred pounds will go toward your scheduled Mediation Falmouth session with both of you (s)
  • There is no consideration of financial need when awarding vouchers; anybody who needs help with parenting concerns is eligible.
  • Can be used while talking about making plans for children, addressing particular concerns (such going on vacation), or granting grandparents visitation rights.
  • In the event that your case involves all of the difficulties, any unused voucher balance can be transferred to the finances.
  • We will apply for the voucher on your behalf here at Family Mediation Choice Falmouth. You only need to verify that you want us to submit an application.
  • Through family mediation, ninety percent of clients are able to achieve an agreement.
  • Any agreement that is established has the potential to become legally binding.
  • There is also the option of holding meetings virtually.
  • You do not need to be looking at the same thing or even be in the same room to communicate with one another.

You are welcome to make an appointment for a cost-free consultation lasting fifteen minutes if you would like additional information about family mediation and whether or not it is appropriate for your circumstances.

You may learn more about the voucher system that awards £500 by reading the press release that the government has published here:

Family Mediation Choice Falmouth is a family mediation service that has achieved over 570 five-star evaluations and has been the recipient of several awards.

Give us a call at the number 03300 100 309 if you want to get the ball rolling on addressing concerns about the arrangements for your children; we will be pleased to assist you.

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