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June 29, 2022

When money leaves your bank account each month for child support, it's not unexpected that many parents wonder when child support will end. Equally, if you are a parent caring for a muscular twenty-year-old who has no job and cannot get one, you will have a different opinion on when child support should end.

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When do child support payments end?

Newquay Family Choice Mediation Kid support is the arrangement between you and the other parent of your child for the payment of money to support your child financially after your separation or divorce. Parents develop assumptions regarding when child support ends. Typical presumptions include:

  • Child support ceases if the parent receiving the payments remarries or enters a new relationship
  • Child support is terminated if the parent receiving child support earns more than the parent paying child support
  • Child support ceases if the parent receiving kid support rejects contact with the child and does not let the other parent to establish a connection with the child.
  • Kid support ceases if the child receives financial assistance from another source, such as a grandmother.

These assumptions are all false.

It is essential to realize that child support is unaffected by the status of parental ties or if one parent is denied contact in violation of a child arrangement order. You may be able to terminate espousal support or initiate court actions to decrease or terminate espousal support or to enforce a child arrangement order.

How long are child support payments due?

If estimated by the Child Maintenance Service Newquay , you will be required to pay child support until: • Your child reaches the age of 16; or

  • Your child is under age twenty if they are enrolled in an approved educational or training programme, or
  • The Child Support Service evaluation has been cancelled. For instance, if the child moves in with you, if the child's care is shared equally, or if the child is adopted.

If you are unsure if you can halt child support payments when a Child Maintenance Service assessment is in place, it is essential to get legal counsel, as you do not want to discover that you are still obligated to pay child support and arrears have accumulated.
If you are paying child support to the other parent on a voluntary basis, you are free to cease at any moment. However, early termination of child support is likely to result in a request for a Child Maintenance Service assessment, and you may be evaluated as owing more child support than you were paying voluntarily.

Stopping child support payments required by court order

The court has limited authority to issue child support orders. For example:

  • When both parents consent to the establishment of a child support order or
  • To pay the added costs of caring for a kid with a disability or
  • To cover private school costs - referred to as a school fees order or a school tuition payment order
  • To pay child support for a stepchild who was considered a family member during the marriage or civil partnership; or
  • To give additional child support once the Child Maintenance Service has issued a maximum award based on its assessment procedure. This is referred to as supplemental child support.

If you are paying or receiving child support according to a court order, you should get legal counsel before suspending payments or threatening legal action. This is due to the fact that the kind of child support order and the wording of the order may impact when child support will end or the court choices available to you.
For instance, a child maintenance order may provide that child support will continue until the children complete their A-levels, but if over a year has passed since the order was issued, you will be unable to petition the court to enforce the order.
For instance, if an order is granted to cover the costs of a child with a disability, the order may not be age-restricted if the kid would continue to require certain disability-related provisions throughout maturity.

Changing child support

Although you may be unable to discontinue paying child support, you may be able to modify the amount you pay by:

  • Requesting the Mediation Newquay Child Support Service to modify the evaluation
  • Requesting the court to modify the child support order
  • Consenting to a modification in the amount of voluntary child support payments.
  • Examples of justifiable variations include the following:
  • You lose your job or receive a wage reduction
  • Your overnight care for the children has increased in frequency.
  • Children attending boarding school
  • The children no longer reside in the United Kingdom, resulting in higher travel expenses to visit them.

Rather than arbitrarily presuming that you have the authority to lower child support, you should seek Family Choice Mediation Newquay's experienced legal guidance on child maintenance modification to see if you have grounds to do so. Remember that child support can be adjusted both upwards and downwards.

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